Advanced and Latest Informatics

Advanced & Latest Informatics is a USA company with operating offices in USA, Canada and Pakistan. The company deals in three major fields relating to Geospatial, Web and Environmental Technologies. Our expertise in Geospatial Technologies include Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing (RS) & Global Positioning System (GPS). Our services in Web Technologies include web development, web programming, web hosting & web marketing. In Environmental Technologies we work in Environmental Eng., Forestry & Natural Resources.

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Advanced and Latest Informatics provides quality services in following fields.

Core GIS

• Data Conversion, Integration and Development • GIS Custom Production and Applications • Spatial Analysis and Predictive Modeling • Enterprise GIS Solutions • GIS Consultancy

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Remote Sensing

• Selecting Satellite Data • Image Registration • Image Analysis • Image Interpretation and Data Extraction • Ground Truthing • Data Merging with GIS & GPS • Generation of Relief Maps and 3D Visualization

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Survey and Global Positioning System

We can provide GPS services in any area of your interest. We can combine GPS data with other geographic data using GIS to produce high quality maps.

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App development & ASO

GIS desktop application development and customization.

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Utilities Information System

• Environmental Impact Assessment • Solid Waste Management • Water & Waste-water Engineering • Sustainability & Development of Natural Resources

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MIS Development

• Resource Inventory • Resource Planning & Management • Resource Policy & Development

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Civil & Environmental Engineering

The mission of the company is to provide human services in a sustainable way, balancing society’s need for long-term infrastructure with environmental health. This positions CEE to play an essential role in solving some of the most pressing problems facing humanity, including concerns about energy and the environment.

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Water Resources

The profound impact of GIS systems on water resources engineering continues to grow. GIS in Water Resource Engineering arms engineers and planners with an arsenal of tools to assist in the creation of a reliable, environmentally sensitive, infrastructure.

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Disasters & Hazards

Multi-Hazard Vulnerability and Risk Assessment (MHVRA) is a study that analysis different types of hazards and put that into a system for comprehensive evaluation while taking into account the probability of occurrence of multiple hazardous events for interrelations.

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Web Development

• Web development • Web Marketing • Web Hosting • Web Management • Ground Truthing • Data Merging with GIS & GPS • Generation of Relief Maps and 3D Visualization

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Interior Designing & Furniture

Features innovative furniture ideas for every room in the house. Topics covered include bookshelf designs, tables, chairs, modern wall units and space saving furniture.

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Gems & Jewellery

Modernize mining practices Reduce wastage Improve quality of extracted gems Increase income of miners Improve skills of those in mining industry and new entrants Increase overall productivity of workers and better quality output

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Advanced & Latest Informatics is a high-tech global research company with genius and accredited professionals providing multi-dimensional services including GIS, Remote Sensing, Web and Environmental Engineering. We have scientists and engineers who are qualified from distinctive universities of USA, Europe & Asian countries. Each of its wings has its own respective team comprising of specialists, professionals, technical experts & managerial staff. The teams are fully qualified & equipped in handling any tasks/challenges assigned to them, producing best possible results up to their full potential & efficiency.

Completed Projects

The professional experts of the company have prepared & implemented more than a dozen projects sponsored by various international agencies including WFP, KFW, GTZ, ILO, UNHCR, US(AID), FAO. UNDP, WB, ADB & others. The resource planning and management expertise is spread over more than 40 publications of high-quality offering tools & methods for their practical implementation & execution. Participatory management, community involvement, women’s' association, bottom-up design, holistic approach, conservation strategy, resource sustainability, quality consciousness, sound development, social welfare and good governance.

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On-Going Projects

Advanced and Latest Informatics has been engaged two on-going projects currently. Detail of each project can be found here.

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About ALI

Vision and Mission

Advanced & Latest Informatics is a fully committed company that offers "turnkey solutions" based on the team work of dedicated and accredited professionals in fields of GIS, Remote Sensing & GPS since last seventeen (17) years.

Our Team

Advanced and Latest Informatics (ALI Inc.) has highly qualified technical staff. Our key personnel are

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